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Bathtub, hand painted with pine cones 1

Bathtub, hand painted with pine cones

This plastic bathtub has been inserted into a wooden base with hand painted pine cones and greens on each top corner.  The piece measures...


Bathtub, Victorian 1

Bathtub, Victorian

This is a wooden victorian tub with beautiful accents carved into the wood.  It measures 5" in length.  It matches the sink, item no. 106020...


Cabinet, small, wooden 1

Cabinet, small, wooden

This is a very small wooden cabinet.  The door opens to reveal one shelf inside.  It measures 1-1/4" across, 1" deep and stands...


Cast Iron Bathroom Sink Unit 1

Cast Iron Bathroom Sink Unit

This unique piece is heavy because it is cast iron.  Made by Handcraft Designs, Inc. in 1980, it matches our bathtub & shower unit number 104398...


Cast Iron Bathtub & Shower Unit 1

Cast Iron Bathtub & Shower Unit

You'll never see another like this!  Being cast iron, it's heavy. Made by Handcrafts Designs, Inc. in 1980. There are some fine hairline cracks in...


Cast Iron Comode 1

Cast Iron Comode

This is a unique cast iron comode made by Handcraft Designs in 1980.  The seat raises up, and the handle on the right side of the tank is loose in...


Dresser, 4 drawer 1

Dresser, 4 drawer

This nicely finished dresser appears to be from a kit.  Each of the four drawers works.  The piece measures 2-7/8" across, 1-3/4"...


Sink, bathroom white 1

Sink, bathroom white

This white porcelain sink has two gold colored faucets and an indentation for the soap.  It measures 1-3/4" across, 1-7/8" deep and...


Sink, bathroom, pedastal 1

Sink, bathroom, pedastal

This is a very lovely, delicate pedastal since with gold trim, gold fixtures, and black with pink floral deisgn.  The piece measures 2"...


Sink, Victorian mahogany and gold colored 1

Sink, Victorian mahogany and gold colored

This bathroom sink has a white basin, mahogany look finish to the wood and gold toned fixtures and door handles.  The doors open, while the...


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