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Fire Grate with Coals 1

Fire Grate with Coals

This Victorian Fire grate with coals will add warmth to your fireplace. When hooked-ip the coals wll glow just like a real fire. It will fit in most...


Firebox, white 1

Firebox, white

This plaster, white firebox could be painted in any manner of ways.  It is one piece, with no moving parts.  It measures 3-3/4"...


Fireplace, cooking, grey stone 1

Fireplace, cooking, grey stone

This one-piece formed fireplace is made to look like dark grey stone and brick with a wooden plank mantle.  It includes a pot hanger that swings in...


Fireplace, Jamestown unfinished 1

Fireplace, Jamestown unfinished

This wood fireplace is made in the Jamestown design.  It is unfinished and ready for paint or any finish you may have in mind to match your room. ...


Fireplace, outdoor 1

Fireplace, outdoor

This poly fireplace has a metal grate which comes out and can be re-positioned.  The silver colored piece under the metal grate also can be...


Fireplace, white "brick & marble" 1

Fireplace, white "brick & marble"

This piece is a solid formed ceramic piece where the bricks are, the firebox, and the hearth.  They have a shinny white glaze.  The mantle is a...


Fireplace,Formed 1


This ceramic fireplace is painted brown to look like wood. The carvings will has elegance to any roo,. It measure 5" wide,1-3/4" deep,...


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