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Laundry/Back Porch

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Bench, Light Wood 1

Bench, Light Wood

This little bench has curved sides and ends with turned legs and spindles.  It measures 1-3/4" across, 1-1/4" deep and stands...


Coat Tree, Dark Wood 1

Coat Tree, Dark Wood

This is a stylized, darker stained wood coat tree.  It is 1" in diameter at the base and stands 4-1/2" high.


Coat Tree, Light Finish 1

Coat Tree, Light Finish

This wooden coat tree has a light finish.  It is 1" in diameter at the base, and stands 3-3/4" high.


Ice Box, Pine 1

Ice Box, Pine

This pine finished ice box has two opening doors on the front.  It measures 3" across, 2" deep and stands 4-1/2" high.


Shelf Unit, Corner, White Wire 1

Shelf Unit, Corner, White Wire

This is a white wire unit with three shelves and a corner shape.  The piece measures 2" across, 1-1/2" deep and stands3-3/4" high.


Shelf/Coat Pegs, Hearts 1

Shelf/Coat Pegs, Hearts

This is a hand painted shelf with 5 coat pegs (or, could be used for hanging hand dipped candles, keys, mittens, and so on) has three red hearts...


Wringer, Clothes 1

Wringer, Clothes

This is an all-metal, painted clothes wringer does not have any pieces that move.  It measures 1-7/8" wide, 5/8" deep and 2-1/8" high.


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