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Laundry/Back Porch

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Bench, Light Wood 1

Bench, Light Wood

This little bench has curved sides and ends with turned legs and spindles.  It measures 1-3/4" across, 1-1/4" deep and stands...


Coat Tree, Dark Wood 1

Coat Tree, Dark Wood

This is a stylized, darker stained wood coat tree.  It is 1" in diameter at the base and stands 4-1/2" high.


Coat Tree, Light Finish 1

Coat Tree, Light Finish

This wooden coat tree has a light finish.  It is 1" in diameter at the base, and stands 3-3/4" high.


Ice Box, Pine 1

Ice Box, Pine

This pine finished ice box has two opening doors on the front.  It measures 3" across, 2" deep and stands 4-1/2" high.


Ironing Board - folding 4

Ironing Board - folding

This padded ironing board folds for easy storage.  The ironing surface is 4" long and 1" wide at the widest part.  It stands 3" high.


Shelf Unit, Corner, White Wire 1

Shelf Unit, Corner, White Wire

This is a white wire unit with three shelves and a corner shape.  The piece measures 2" across, 1-1/2" deep and stands3-3/4" high.


Shelf/Coat Pegs, Hearts 1

Shelf/Coat Pegs, Hearts

This is a hand painted shelf with 5 coat pegs (or, could be used for hanging hand dipped candles, keys, mittens, and so on) has three red hearts...


Wringer, Clothes 1

Wringer, Clothes

This is an all-metal, painted clothes wringer does not have any pieces that move.  It measures 1-7/8" wide, 5/8" deep and 2-1/8" high.


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