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Buffet, mahogany-look finish 1

Buffet, mahogany-look finish

This simple, wooden, with mahogany look finish buffet won't detract from any of those fine collectables you might want to show off.  Each door...


Chair, carved wood back 2

Chair, carved wood back

This wooden chair has a carved back and two contrasting, pointed black pieces along each side of the back.  The chair measures 1-1/2" across,...


Clock, grandfather, walnut, non-working 1

Clock, grandfather, walnut, non-working

This non-functioning, wooden, grandfather clock has a walnut finish, with an opening door, and a gold and black face.  The base measures 1-1/2"...


Clock, grandfather,walnut, working 1

Clock, grandfather,walnut, working

This elegant wooden grandfather clock has a walnut finish.  The door on the front opens, and the clock runs off a watch battery.  The base is...


Coat Tree, Dark Wood 1

Coat Tree, Dark Wood

This is a stylized, darker stained wood coat tree.  It is 1" in diameter at the base and stands 4-1/2" high.


Coat Tree, Light Finish 1

Coat Tree, Light Finish

This wooden coat tree has a light finish.  It is 1" in diameter at the base, and stands 3-3/4" high.


Table, Auxiliary, oval 1

Table, Auxiliary, oval

This small, oval, wooden table has a light stain, and three legs.  It measures 1-3/4" x 1-1/4" and stands 2-1/4" high.


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