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Chair, child's, wooden natural finish 1

Chair, child's, wooden natural finish

This dainty little child's chair is wooden with a natural finish.  It measures 1-3/8" across, 1-1/8" deep and stands 2-1/2"...


Chair, potty, wooden 1

Chair, potty, wooden

This is a wooden potty chair.  There are no moving parts, and there is no bottom.  It measures 1-5/8" across, 1-1/2" deep, and...


Changing Table, White 1

Changing Table, White

This white, wooden changing table has lots of storage.  Each drawer opens, the door provides more storage, and the "wicker" baskets...


Changing Table, White Wire 1

Changing Table, White Wire

This white wire changing table has a padded top and drawers and doors that open.  The piece measures 2-3/4" across x 2" deep and is...


High Chair, old fashioned, wood 1

High Chair, old fashioned, wood

This antique looking wooden high chair has a dark finish.  There are no moving parts.  It measures 1-1/4" across, 1-1/2" deep and...


High Chair, pine 1

High Chair, pine

TThis wooden high chair looks like it is pine.  There are no moving parts on the chair.  It measures 1-5/8" across, 2-1/4" deep...


High Chair, Victorian, Mahogany 1

High Chair, Victorian, Mahogany

This delicate piece is a high chair in the Victorian style, with mahogany finish to the wood.  The tray swivels around for the child to be taken...


High Chair, White 1

High Chair, White

This wooden high chair is painted white.  The tray lifts up to put the baby in.  It measures 2" across, 2" deep and stands...


Rocker, Child's 1

Rocker, Child's

This cute little child's rocker has a natural finish on the wood and a nice detail on the side.  There are no moving pieces (other than it...


Rocker, child's, rust colored 1

Rocker, child's, rust colored

This child's rocker has no moving pieces - other than rocking.  It is painted a red-rust color.  It measures 1-1/8" wide,...


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