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Living Rooms


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Chair, arm, mahogany finish 2

Chair, arm, mahogany finish

This is a 1" scale mahogany finish wood chair with white on white fabric on seat and back (as well as down the back of the chair.) . It...


Chair, arm, mission style, floral 1

Chair, arm, mission style, floral

This is a well-made mission style arm chair with a floral print fabric cushion on both the bottom and the back.  Both these two cushions are...


Chair, corner, Green & White 1

Chair, corner, Green & White

This classic corner chair has a medium finish on the wood and a green and white floral fabric uphostry.  It measures 1-3/4" x 1-3/4"...


Chair, Grey & White Sttripped 1

Chair, Grey & White Sttripped

This upholstered arm chair has thin grey and white stripped fabric with wooden legs, across the front and the fronts of the arms.  It measures...


Chair, Sage Green Upholstered 1

Chair, Sage Green Upholstered

This solid tone, sage green, upholstered arm chair invites you to sink into it's depths.  It is 4" wide (at the widest part of the curved arm...


Chair, Side 1

Chair, Side

This side chair is made of dark wood and has red velvet on the back and seat for comfort. It measures 1-3/4' wide,1-3/4" deep,4" high. ...


Chair, Side 2

Chair, Side

Very modern livingroom chair with  2 arm rest. made from leather and brass.   Perfect for your modern doll house. It measures 2-1/2"...


Chair, Upholstered black stripes 1

Chair, Upholstered black stripes

This upholstered chair has black and grey stripes.  It is upholstered on the back as well as the sides.  It measures 3-1/2" across,...


Chair, with Red Cushion 1

Chair, with Red Cushion

This is a wooden chair with a soft velvety red cushion.  It measures 3 3/8" high.


Couch, Mission Style 1

Couch, Mission Style

This Mission Style Couch has a wooden structure and green cushions.  The three back cushions are removeable.   The piece measures 6" wide,...


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