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Landscaping, Trees, Shrubs

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Birdhouse on pole 1

Birdhouse on pole

Stained pineSolidPerch for bird1-5/8" across, 1-5/8" deep 1-1/4" without pole, pole is 6-1/4" long


Bridge, poly, brown 2

Bridge, poly, brown

This bridge is made of polystone and has no moving parts.  It is 4-1/2" wide, 1-5/8" wide, and 2-1/2" high. The space between the...


Fence section, copper colored 6

Fence section, copper colored

This section of metal, copper colored, picket fence is 30" long and 3" high. It's flexible, so you can round a corner. This photo showws only a...


Fence, section, white wire 8

Fence, section, white wire

This section of white wire fence is 6" across and 2-1/2" high. Made in China.


Fence, white wire section 2

Fence, white wire section

This section of white wire fence measures 6" wide  by 2-3/8" high. Made in China.


Geraniums in window box 1

Geraniums in window box

This bright grouping of geraniums are in a wooden window box.  (The wires you see in the photo hold the item to the box for safe shipping.  The are...


Tree, Lodgepole Pine, 4-5" 4

Tree, Lodgepole Pine, 4-5"

The smaller lodgepole pine shown here measures 4".  This size measures between 4" and 5".  Made in Mexico.


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