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Bench, Park 1

Bench, Park

This traditional park bench has wooden slats and metal ends/legs/arm rests, It measures 4-1/4" across, 2-1/2" deep and stands 2-1/4" high.


Scooter, red, metal 1

Scooter, red, metal

This red, metal scooter has no moving parts and three wheels.  It measures 2" across, 3/4" wide at the back wheels, and stands 1-1/4"...


Swing, traditional 10

Swing, traditional

This traditional swing is ceramic and has details to suggest it might be wood.    It comes with twine to hang from your tree, beam, or arbor.  It...


Tricycle, red 1

Tricycle, red

This metal, red tricycle has wheels that rotate.  It is 2-1/2" long, 1-1/2" wide (at the back) and stands slightly less than 2" high.


Whistle, silver 1

Whistle, silver

This silver whistle is a must for any law enforcement official, play ground monitor, or crossing guard.  It is 3/8" x 1/8" x 1/8".


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