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Air Filter 2

Air Filter

This hand made air filter measures 1" in diameter, and 3/8" thick. Hand made in USA by Ella.


Alarm Box 2

Alarm Box

This painted metal fire alarm box has no moving parts.  It measures 5/8" across, 3/4" high, and 1/4" thick. Made by Island Crafts...


Anvil on stump 1

Anvil on stump

This metal anvil is attached to the stump.  The anvil measures 2" long, 3/8" wide (the base is 7/8" wide) and stands 3/4"...


Bag of Fertilizer 1

Bag of Fertilizer

This "50 lb bag of fertilizer" has a filling and measures 1" x 2-1/2".


Bag, Fertilizer, 50 lbs 1

Bag, Fertilizer, 50 lbs

This "50 lb bag of fertilizer" is filled with cotton and measures 1-1/4" across and 2" high.


Bag, Flour, 50 lbs 1

Bag, Flour, 50 lbs

This "50 lb bag of flour" is filled with cotton and measures 1-1/4" across and 2" high.


Bags, shopping, printed 1

Bags, shopping, printed

Paper bagsBags open to fillBags have printing on both sidesLargest is 1" x 1/2" x 1-3/8"Medium is 3/4" x 1/2" x...


Barrel, light wood 1

Barrel, light wood

This light wood barrel is hollow and looks aged and worn.  It meausres 1-3/8" in diameter at the widest part (1-1/4" in diameter at...


Barrell with "fruit" 1

Barrell with "fruit"

This wooden barrell with black rings is filled with "fruit."  Could be peaches, apples, etc.  The fruit appear to be wooden...


Barrell, wood? 1

Barrell, wood?

This barrell looks like a hand-made wooden item.  However, as I bought it from an estate sale and it's not marked, I'm not sure. ...


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