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Barrell, wood? 1

Barrell, wood?

This barrell looks like a hand-made wooden item.  However, as I bought it from an estate sale and it's not marked, I'm not sure. ...


Basket with apples 1

Basket with apples

This basket has 4 red apples.  The basket is 1-1/2" in diameter and 1-1/2" high.  Each apple is 3/8" in diameter.


Basket with bananas and tomatoes 1

Basket with bananas and tomatoes

Woven basket with handle3 "bananas" and 2 "tomatoes"1" x 3/4" x 1-1/4"


Basket with carrots and fruit 1

Basket with carrots and fruit

Woven basket with handle3 "carrots" plus 2 pieces of unidentified fruit - one green, one pink1" x 3/4" x 1-1/4"


Basket, Black, Woven 1

Basket, Black, Woven

This is a hand-made black, woven basket with a Southwestern flair.  The lid comes off, the basket is hollow.  It measures 1-1/4" in...


Basket, Fimo, Green Apples 1

Basket, Fimo, Green Apples

This basket, leaves, and apples appear to made from fimo.  (Although not immediately obvious, there appear to be two leaves broken off.) ...


Basket, Fimo, Tomatoes (Apples?) 1

Basket, Fimo, Tomatoes (Apples?)

This is an item mademostly of fimo.  The basket is fimo, the leaves and the fruit.(The handle is not fiimo.)  Are they tomatoes or red...


Basket, Fimo, with carrots 1

Basket, Fimo, with carrots

This basket, carrots, and carrot leaves are all made of fimo.  The handle is a chord.  It measures 1-1/2" in diameter and the same in...


Battery, Diamond Battery Company 2

Battery, Diamond Battery Company

This realistic looking battery is hand made in the USA.  It measures 1" wide, 3/4" deep and 1" high. Hand made in USA by Ella.


Bellows 1


This is a very finely hand made bellows.  It actually opens and closes, although it doesn't move very much air!  The ouside is wooden, the inside...


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