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Book, Dictionary 1

Book, Dictionary

This American Heritage Dictionary opens to blank pages.  It measures 3/4" x 7/8" and is 1/8" thick.


Books, School, in strap 1

Books, School, in strap

These two books (open to blank pages) are held together by a leather strap.  The do come apart and can be removed from the strap.  The...


Cabinet, Clark's 1

Cabinet, Clark's

This stained, wooden cabinet looks like drawers, but they aren't.  They don't open.  One of the three has a label...


Candy Jar with lid, filled 1

Candy Jar with lid, filled

This little found, filled, glass candy jar has a removeable lid.  It is filled with small, round, colorful balls.  It measures 1/2" in...


Cans, Vintage, round, 5 4

Cans, Vintage, round, 5

This set of 5 vintage round cans are plastic with vintage labels.  Each set is slightly different as far as labels.  The cans are 1/2" in...


Chair, gold with mauve upholstered seat 1

Chair, gold with mauve upholstered seat

This metal chair has a gold-look finish and a tufted, upholstered seat.  It measures 2" across, 1-3/4" deep and stands 2-7/8"...


Chair, Hair Drying 1

Chair, Hair Drying

Remember drying your hair when you went to the Hair Stylist?  This hand made chair is perfect for that recreation.  The base of the chair ...


Chair, Hair Stylist for Shampoos 1

Chair, Hair Stylist for Shampoos

Every wash station needs a hot pink chair to sit in while the stylist works on your hair, right?  This hand made chair is 2" x 1-1/2" x...


Chair/Table 1


This is an interesting piece because, although it appears to be finely made, it isn't signed.  The piece can either be a table, or a chair...


Coat Tree, Dark Wood 1

Coat Tree, Dark Wood

This is a stylized, darker stained wood coat tree.  It is 1" in diameter at the base and stands 4-1/2" high.


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