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Coat Tree, Light Finish 1

Coat Tree, Light Finish

This wooden coat tree has a light finish.  It is 1" in diameter at the base, and stands 3-3/4" high.


Coffee Grinder, red 1

Coffee Grinder, red

This red, metal, larger, coffee grinder has wheels that turn.  It is 1-1/4" across, 1-1/8" deep and stands 1-7/8" high.


Corn in burlap bag 1

Corn in burlap bag

This burlap bag has corn on the cob coming out of the top.  Each piece is glued in and cannot be removed.  The bag has filler and only...


Crate w/red peppers 1

Crate w/red peppers

This brown and green crate is filled with red peppers (could be strawberries, but I think they look more like peppers - smooth skins.)  They do...


Crate with fruit 1

Crate with fruit

This wooden crates has "fruit" on a bed of shavings.  One end of the crate has a label saying it is from the San Diego Miniature...


Crates, 2 empty, tiny 1

Crates, 2 empty, tiny

This is a set of two small empty wooden crates.  Each measures 3/4" x 3/8" x 3/8"


Creeper 1


This little creeper has wheels that go around and soft padding on top.  It measures 2-1/8" long, 7/8" wide, and 1/2" high.


Desk,school by Shackman 1

Desk,school by Shackman

This school desk by Shackman has no moving parts and does not have a matching chair. It measures 2-5/8" across, 1-5/8" deep, stands...


Donuts on Gold Tray 1

Donuts on Gold Tray

This assortment of 5 "donuts" are on a gold tray.  The tray is 3/4" in diameter.


Dumpster, apartment 1

Dumpster, apartment

Wow!  Would you look at that!  Who would imagine that you would find a 1" scale dumpster with apartment building related garbage:  tied up...


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