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Grapefruit in Crate 1

Grapefruit in Crate

This crate has what looks like grapefruit (could be green apples, but they seem to have dimpled skin instead of smooth.)  The six pieces of...


Hanger, Plant, Macrame 1

Hanger, Plant, Macrame

This macrame plant hanger is dark brown in color with 2 sets of three matching beads.  There is a small silver loop for handing on the...


Hat Boxes, 2, Pink ribbon 1

Hat Boxes, 2, Pink ribbon

This stack of two hat boxes are tied together with a delicate pink satin ribbon and bow on top.  They do not open.  The pieces together...


Hoe, Rake & Shovel 1

Hoe, Rake & Shovel

This set of hand tools includes a tine rake, hoe, and square shovel.  All three have wood handles.  The hoe is 3-3/4" long.  The...


Hooks, coat, 4 1

Hooks, coat, 4

This nicely finished piece is wooden, with wooden "hooks" for coats, and so on.  It is 3" long, 1/4" wide, and the hooks are...


Howdy Bell 1

Howdy Bell

This bell would attach to the inside of the store door to announce the arrival of a customer.  The piece measures 1-1/4" x 1" x...


Ice Hook and Tongs 1

Ice Hook and Tongs

This set of ice handling tools includes a hook and tongs.  Neither tool has any moving pieces.  The hook is 7/8" x 1/2". ...


Ice Machine 2

Ice Machine

Look at this realistic ice machine.  The doors each open to reveal a hollow interior, ready to load with your own ice - either cubes or blocks.  It...


Jug, Brown, LG 1

Jug, Brown, LG

This brown jug appears to be a painted dense foam.  It is solid and has no opening.  It measures 1" in diameter and stands 2"...


Jukebox, diner booth style 1

Jukebox, diner booth style

This is a metal piece with decals showing the song choices and "buttons" to push to make your selection.  Silver in color, the decals...


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