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Farm & Construction


Product Image Qty.- Item Name Price
1" Cement Mixer 1

1" Cement Mixer

This hand-made 1" cement mixer really tips when you move the lever, and the wheel turns also. Painter a rugged outdoor orange, it measures...


1" Disc 1

1" Disc

This is a hand made, metal, 1" disc, measuring 4-1/2" wide, 4-1/2" long, and 3-1/2" high. Entirely hand made in Colorado, USA. Click on photo to...


1" Hay Rake 1

1" Hay Rake

This hand-made hay rake has wheels that move and the lever actually raises and lowers the rakes! This 1" model measures 4-1/2" wide, 8" long, and 3"...


1" Pedal Grinder 1

1" Pedal Grinder

This is a hand-made 1" pedal grinder, measuring 3" wide, 2" deep, and 3-1/4" high. Hand made in Colorado, USA. Click on photo to...


2 Man Saw 1

2 Man Saw

This saw is made of metal with some parts painted.  It measures 2" across and 1" high. Made in China.


Air Filter 2

Air Filter

This hand made air filter measures 1" in diameter, and 3/8" thick. Hand made in USA by Ella.


Bag of Fertilizer 1

Bag of Fertilizer

This "50 lb bag of fertilizer" has a filling and measures 1" x 2-1/2".


Bag, Fertilizer, 50 lbs 1

Bag, Fertilizer, 50 lbs

This "50 lb bag of fertilizer" is filled with cotton and measures 1-1/4" across and 2" high.


Basket, Fimo, Green Apples 1

Basket, Fimo, Green Apples

This basket, leaves, and apples appear to made from fimo.  (Although not immediately obvious, there appear to be two leaves broken off.) ...


Basket, Fimo, Tomatoes (Apples?) 1

Basket, Fimo, Tomatoes (Apples?)

This is an item mademostly of fimo.  The basket is fimo, the leaves and the fruit.(The handle is not fiimo.)  Are they tomatoes or red...


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