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Basket, Fimo, with carrots 1

Basket, Fimo, with carrots

This basket, carrots, and carrot leaves are all made of fimo.  The handle is a chord.  It measures 1-1/2" in diameter and the same in...


Battery, Diamond Battery Company 2

Battery, Diamond Battery Company

This realistic looking battery is hand made in the USA.  It measures 1" wide, 3/4" deep and 1" high. Hand made in USA by Ella.


Corn in burlap bag 1

Corn in burlap bag

This burlap bag has corn on the cob coming out of the top.  Each piece is glued in and cannot be removed.  The bag has filler and only...


Crate w/red peppers 1

Crate w/red peppers

This brown and green crate is filled with red peppers (could be strawberries, but I think they look more like peppers - smooth skins.)  They do...


Crates, 2 empty, tiny 1

Crates, 2 empty, tiny

This is a set of two small empty wooden crates.  Each measures 3/4" x 3/8" x 3/8"


Hoe, hand made 1

Hoe, hand made

This hand made hoe is wooden and tin.  It measures 3-3/8" x 1/2". Hand made in USA.


Hoe, metal & wood 1

Hoe, metal & wood

This square metal hoe has a wooden handle.  The base is 7/8" square.  The handle is 3-3/4" long.


Hoe, Rake & Shovel 1

Hoe, Rake & Shovel

This set of hand tools includes a tine rake, hoe, and square shovel.  All three have wood handles.  The hoe is 3-3/4" long.  The...


Mallet, brass 1

Mallet, brass

This solid brass mallet has a ring through the handle.  It is 1/2" across and 1-3/8" long.


Pitch Fork 1

Pitch Fork

This pitch fork has metal tines and a wooden handle.  It is 1" across at the end, and the entire length is 6".


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