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Gardens: Fairy and Miniature

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Frog, poly, sitting 3

Frog, poly, sitting

This poly frog sits and grins at you.  He measures 1-1/4" across, 2" long, and is 1-1/2" high.


Gazebo, Garden, Decorated 1

Gazebo, Garden, Decorated

This garden gazebo (made from Houseworks Kit No. 9901) is fantastically decorated with two childern, loads of urns, plants, moss, and so many...


Horse, small, brown poly 3

Horse, small, brown poly

This is a small, brown, poly, delicate horse.  It measures only 2-1/4" long, 1/2" thick, and stands 2" high.


Hose rack, metal 2

Hose rack, metal

This metal hose rack is the kind you would mount onto the side of the house.  There are no moving parts.  It measures 7/8" across...


Ladder, Twig 2

Ladder, Twig

This cute little twig ladder has five rungs and is really twigs, not poly formed.  It is 1-1/2" wide and 5" high.


Loveseat, twig 7

Loveseat, twig

This is a true twig loveseat, not poly formed.  It measures 3-1/2" across, 2" deep and 3" high.


Planter, unfinished wood, large 2

Planter, unfinished wood, large

This is a square, wooden, unfinished planter which is larger at the top than at the base.  The top is 1-1/4" square, the base is 3/4"...


Planter, unfinished wood, small 2

Planter, unfinished wood, small

This is a small, natural wood, unfinished square planter with the top larger than the bottom.  The top is 7/8" square, 5/8" square on...


Rake, all metal 1

Rake, all metal

This is an all metal, painted pull rake.  It is 3-3/4" long and 1-1/8" wide at the base.


Rake, leaf, all metal, painted 1

Rake, leaf, all metal, painted

This all metal, painted leaf rake has no moving pieces.  It is 4" long and 1-3/8" at the widest part.


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