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Health & Medicine


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Books,. Etiquette & Plain Talk 1

Books,. Etiquette & Plain Talk

This set of "books" are blocks with painted edges and a label glued on the front and back to identify the "book."  This set...


Plaster, Box 1

Plaster, Box

This dark blue box has a label claiming to have "Plaster" inside.  It is 5/8"  wide, 3/8" deep and 3/4" high.


Syringe & Scalple 1

Syringe & Scalple

This is a set of hand made medical tools:  the syringe and the scalple.  They are very finely made and have all the right details.  The syringe is...


Vaporub, Vicks 1

Vaporub, Vicks

This little blue container says "Vicks Vaporub" on the front.  It is 1/4" in diameter and 3/8" high.


Flask for Distilling 2

Flask for Distilling

This is a glass flask in the shape of a distilling flask.  Hand made in Germany, it measures 1/2" wide and 1" high. Hand made in Germany.


Syringe 2


This is a metal syringe with no moving parts.  It is 5/8" long.


Test Tube, glass 12

Test Tube, glass

This is a glass test tube with a cork stopper.  It measures 1/4" in diameter and 2" long (without the stopper.) Made in Germany.


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