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Bedding-Bunk-Blue 1


This is bedding made to fit a 1" scale bunk bed.  The set includes two mattress covers, two pillows and a bedspread.  The bedspread measures 6...


Bedding-Single-Boys 1


This is bedding made to fit a 1" scale bed.  The bedspread measures 5 1/4" by 5 3/4" and is weighted for easier draping.  The set...


Blanket Chest 1

Blanket Chest

This blanket chest is a 1" scale miniature and is signed by the artist.  It measures 3" in height, 1 1/2" in width and 3 1/4"...


Bolster, crocheted cover 1

Bolster, crocheted cover

This hand-crocheted bolster has a cream fabric under a light tan over-lay.  It is 1/2" in diameter and 2" long (without the fringe on...


Box, Hair Combs 1

Box, Hair Combs

This is a small, empty box, which opens, and decorated in the Victorian style.  The box claims to have Hair Combs and measures 7/8" x...


Box, oval, decorated with yellow flowers 1

Box, oval, decorated with yellow flowers

This oval cardboard box has a lid that comes off.  The lid and the base are decorated to match with the same floral design.  The piece...


Canopy Set-Pink 1

Canopy Set-Pink

This is bedding for a 1" scale miniature canopy bed.  The bedspread measures 5 1/4" by 6 1/4".  It is weighted for better...


Chamber Pot for the "Gent's" 1

Chamber Pot for the "Gent's"

CeramicOff white with "Gent's" on side7/8" in diameter, 3/4" high


Chamber Pot, pink flowers 1

Chamber Pot, pink flowers

This ornate chamber pot has a gold rim and gold on the handle.  There is a painting of pink flowers and green leaves on one side.  It...


Comforter Set, Burgundy Floral 1

Comforter Set, Burgundy Floral

This is a comforter that comes with a pillow.  The comforters have weights sewed into the fabric for easy draping. The comforter measures...


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