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Post Office / Mail

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Air Mail Letters, 6 1

Air Mail Letters, 6

This pack of 6 air mail letters has three in white and three in yellow.  Each  measures 1" x 1/2", showing envelope foldings on...


Country Mailbox / Black 1

Country Mailbox / Black

This classic country mailbox is black (except for the red flag, which really can be raised and lowered) and entirely metal.  Free standing, it...


Fancy Mail Box / Newspaper hooks 1

Fancy Mail Box / Newspaper hooks

This is a fancy mail box for attaching to the side of your house or apartment building.  All black metal, the top opens and there is space for the...


Mail Organizer 1

Mail Organizer

This is a natural wood letter organizer for inside your home.  The drawer opens on the bottom.  The entire piece measures 2" x 3/4". Made...


Mailbox, tin on post 1

Mailbox, tin on post

This tin mailbox does not have a front of back, and the flag does not move.  It measures 1-1/2" deep, 1/2" wide, and stands...


Mailbox, White, Country w/newspaper box 1

Mailbox, White, Country w/newspaper box

This white, metal country mail box on a square post also has a box for the newspaper.  The flag raises and lowers, and the door the mail box...


Package, Air Mail, Brown Box 1

Package, Air Mail, Brown Box

This brown box has "Air Mail," "Rush," "Special Delivery," "Via Air Mail," "First Class,"...


Package, brown paper & string 1

Package, brown paper & string

- box wrapped in brown paper and string - Address to Kansas on top - "Handle with care" on two sides - 1" x 3/4" x 1/2" high


Package, with string 1

Package, with string

Brown paperStringAddress, "stamp" and "Do Not Drop"1-1/2" x 3/4" x 3/8"


Parcels & Mail Set 1

Parcels & Mail Set

This is a set of packages and mail as would be sent through the mail system.  The set consists of three brown paper and string wrapped boxes (1 is...


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