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Angel 1


This is a plastic angel, measuring approximately 3/4" in height.


Angel-Cornstalk 1


This is a cornstalk angel that measures about 1 1/4" high.


Box of Icicles 2

Box of Icicles

This is a box of tinsel (with real foil icicles inside!) and measures 1" in length, 1/2" in width and 1/16" in height.


Candy Apples on Tray 2

Candy Apples on Tray

This is a set of six plastic candy apples on a metal tray.  The tray measures 1" by 3/4" and the whole thing is approximately 3/4" in...


Candy Canes, 10 1

Candy Canes, 10

This set of 10 candy canes show an amazing amount of detail with the stripes around the canes.  Each cane is 5/8" long.


Candy Canes, 12 2

Candy Canes, 12

This is a set of 12 red and white striped candy canes.  Each cane is about 1/2" long.


Candy, Candy coated chocolate 1

Candy, Candy coated chocolate

This packet of "candy coated chocolates" has a multitude of colorful candies to fill a candy dish, spill about the kitchen or nursery, or...


Christmas Balls, String of 70 1

Christmas Balls, String of 70

This string of bright, shiny Christmas balls are multicolored, non-electric and about 70 in the 3 feet of length. 


Christmas Lights, string, non-electric 3

Christmas Lights, string, non-electric

This colorful string of non-electric Christmas lights are an easy way to decorate for the holidays.  The string is 3 feet long and has about 35...


Christmas Towels and Welcome Mat 1

Christmas Towels and Welcome Mat

This is a 1" scale set with two felt towels hung on a plastic rod and a felt Christmas mat.  The mat measures 3 1/2" by 2 1/4". ...


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