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Bsket, white/blue eggs 1

Bsket, white/blue eggs

Woven basket with handle4 white/light blue eggs1" x 3/4" x 1-1/4"


Cake, Easter Egg Shaped 1

Cake, Easter Egg Shaped

This decorative Easter Egg shaped cake is full of lace, flowers, and leaves on a dark purple frosting.  It is sitting on a white paper doily.  The...


Candy Cone 1

Candy Cone

This celophane cone is filled with colorful candy and tied off with a delicate golden orange ribbon.  It is 3/8" in diameter at the widest...


Carrots in a Basket 1

Carrots in a Basket

These 7 carrots are in a woven basket with a handle.  The basket is 4/5" in diameter and 1" high (including the handle).  The...


Chicks, Easter 1

Chicks, Easter

This box of yellow Easter Chicks has three little chicks.  The box measures 1" x 1/2"


Easter Basket, colored eggs 1

Easter Basket, colored eggs

Woven basketUneven bottomHandle4 colored "eggs"1" x 3/4" x 1-1/4" high to top of handle


Easter Basket, filled 1

Easter Basket, filled

This filled Easter Basket has multi-colored eggs, foil wrapped eggs, and a "chocolate" bunny poking its head out in the middle.  The...


Easter Egg 1

Easter Egg

This is a decorated chocolate egg on a paper doiley and measures 1/2" in length.


Easter Egg, Dark Chocolate 1

Easter Egg, Dark Chocolate

This plastic "dark chocolate Easter egg" has a smooth top, a braided edge and a lavender & green flower on top (lilac?).  It...


Easter Egg, Milk Chocolate, Decorated 1

Easter Egg, Milk Chocolate, Decorated

This is a plastic "milk chocolate Easter egg."  It has a colorful decoration on top, perched on the texturec top of the...


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