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Bear on Stick 1

Bear on Stick

This special toy is a bear with a pointed silky hat on a stick over a ruffled collar, and bells on the end of ribbons.  (These bells are really...


Blocks in pull toy 1

Blocks in pull toy

This set of 12 multi-colored blocks do no come out of this wooden pull toy.  There are no moving parts, other than the flexible string for the...


Blocks, in yellow mesh bag 1

Blocks, in yellow mesh bag

This bag of blocks (beads) in a yellow mesh bag includes approximately 20 blocks in assorted colors.  Each block measures 1/8"...


Box, Fishere Price Car & Camper 1

Box, Fishere Price Car & Camper

This is a printed box (without the actual toy inside) of a Fisher Price Car & Camper.  The empty box has a cut-out front and measures...


Bunny on Rocker, painted wood 2

Bunny on Rocker, painted wood

This painted, wooden white bunny on a blue rocker is a perfect addition for a baby's or child's bedroom.  It measures 1-5/8"...


Bunny Pull Toy 1

Bunny Pull Toy

This is a very different item - a bunny on a wheeled platform with a string for pulling.  The bottom is signed "JH #5 1977."  It measures...


Clowns, wooden, painted 1

Clowns, wooden, painted

This set of two different painted wooden clowns would dress up any baby's room.  One measures 1-1/4" high x 7/8" across and...


Houses & Trees, mini, wooden 1

Houses & Trees, mini, wooden

This set of mini wooden trees and houses includes three houses and two trees.  The largest house is 1/2" x 1/2" x 1/4".  The...


Marbles, bag of 1

Marbles, bag of

This is a tiny zip-lock bag of clear and green-tinted "marbles."  The bag measures 3/4" x 3/4".


Paper Chain, Bears 4

Paper Chain, Bears

This paper chain is of bears holding hands.  The bears are dressed in two colors - some green, some orange.    The chain is at least 10" long. ...


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