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Product Image Qty.- Item Name Price
"Can" Kraft 2

"Can" Kraft

This is a grey plastic "can" with a paper showing it is Kraft Hamburger Steak and Onions.  It measures 5/8" high and 3/8" in...


Apples in Ceramic Bowl 1

Apples in Ceramic Bowl

These "apples" are arranged in a brown ceramic bowl.  The bowl is 3/4" in diameter and the whole item is 5/8" high.


Apples, red, 4.5 apples 1

Apples, red, 4.5 apples

- 5 pcs: 4 whole apples, one half apple - red apples - approximately 1/4" across - 1" scale


Asparagus 1


This is four pieces of asparagus and they measure about 1/2" long.


Bag of Ice 4

Bag of Ice

This is a bag of ice and it measures about 1 1/4" high.


Bag, burlap, Cafe Bola de Oro 1

Bag, burlap, Cafe Bola de Oro

This empty, flat burlap bag has a logo on the front in orange and black and says "CAFE BOLA DE ORO."  On the back, printed in smaller...


Bags of Ice-Set of Three 2

Bags of Ice-Set of Three

This is a set of 3 bags of ice and they measure about 1 1/2" high.


Baked Beans in Black Pot 1

Baked Beans in Black Pot

This metal black pot has a handle that moves up and down.  Inside the pot are the beans with a chili pepper on top.  The pot is 3/4"...


Banana 1


This is a banana and they are .99 each.  They measure 1/2" long.


Bananas-Set of 8 1

Bananas-Set of 8

This is a set of 8 loose bananas and they measure 3/8" long.


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