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Baby Book, 2

Baby Book,

Record the special moments of your baby's life in this baby book with gold outline of a bear holding a sign that reads'baby'. Choose from...


Baby Lotion 1

Baby Lotion

This little white bottle claims to have baby lotion inside.  (There is actually nothing inside - the bottle is solid and not hollow.)  It measures...


Baby Shampoo 2

Baby Shampoo

This little yellow bottle claims to have baby shampoo.  (The bottle has nothing inside.)  The bottle measures 3/4" high, 1/4"...


Bank, Piggy, pink 1

Bank, Piggy, pink

This cute little pink piggy bank has a "slot" on the top (it is not really hollow, and the slot is only  for show.)  Check out...


Bear, fimo, red bow 3

Bear, fimo, red bow

This is a very small bear made from fimo.  He is sitting down and has a red bow under his chin, and an expressive face.  He meausres 3/8"...


Bear, Jointed, rough 1

Bear, Jointed, rough

This adorable little bear is cute until you touch him - he's rough and hard.  He does have jointed limbs and a yellow bow at his neck and...


Bear, Jointed, rough surface 1

Bear, Jointed, rough surface

This jointed bear is rough to the touch.  The attached tag shows that its a "Bitsy."  The back of the tag says "A Bitsy Doll...


Bear,Stitched 1


This adorable bear is holding his arms out just waiting for a hug. He is made of hard plastic and has a blue bow around his neck. He measures...


Bib 1


This is an adorable white cloth bid with a pink rose and 2 strings to try around your baby's neck.  A must when feeding a a baby girl. It measures...


Blocks in pull toy 1

Blocks in pull toy

This set of 12 multi-colored blocks do no come out of this wooden pull toy.  There are no moving parts, other than the flexible string for the...


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