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Rotary Phone-Black 1

Rotary Phone-Black

This is a black rotary phone and it measures 5/8" high.


Telephone, antique, brass, desk 1

Telephone, antique, brass, desk

This is a very ornate antique style desk telephone.  There are no moving parts.  The telephone is 7/8" wide, 5/8" deep and 3/8"...


Telephone, black & silver 1

Telephone, black & silver

This painted metal telephone has black and silver.  The base is slightly over 1/2" in diameter.  The telephone is 1" high.


Telephone, black metal, old fashioned 1

Telephone, black metal, old fashioned

This all metal, black, old fashioned telephone, has a separate speaking piece, which is not connected to the main piece.  The main piece is...


Telephone, black, squared off 2

Telephone, black, squared off

This old fashioned, desk phone is black and gold, has no moving parts, and rectangular in shape.  It is 3/4" wide across the base (no including...


Telephone, roraty, black 1

Telephone, roraty, black

This table-top, black, rotary telephone has no moving parts.  It is 5/8" across (at the hand piece), 5/8" deep and 3/8" high. Made by...


Telephone, Rose 1

Telephone, Rose

This ornate, rose and white desk telephone has no moveable parts.  It is 5/8" across at the base, 3/4" deep and approximately 1/2"...


Telephone, rotary, white 1

Telephone, rotary, white

This table-top rotary telephone in white has the hand piece that comes off and can be moved (as far as the cord allows it!)  The telephone is...


Telephone, wall, wooden 1

Telephone, wall, wooden

This wooden, wall telephone has no moving parts other than the ear piece on a black string can be removed from the hook on the side of the...


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