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Computer, 4 piece 1

Computer, 4 piece

This 4 piece computer set has the monitor and mouse, the CPU, the printer, and the keyboard.  The monitor is 1-1/4" wide, 1" deep and...


Computer,Desk Top 3

Computer,Desk Top

This 6 pc computer set comes with everything you need. It has a screen, modem,keypad,2 speakers and a mouse with a pad. Made in China


T.V. Portable 1

T.V. Portable

This small, portable T.V. meausres 1" wide, 1" deep, and 1" high.  It has a flexible cord. Made in China.


T.V., Medium Size 4

T.V., Medium Size

This T.V. has a cord to make it look more real.  It is not,  however, electric.  The screen measures 1-3/4" on the diagonal.  The unit...


T.V., Portable 6

T.V., Portable

Remember when T.V.s were like this?  This T.V. has no parts that move and measures 1-1/2" wide, 1" deep and 2-1/4" to the top of the...


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