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Bingo 1


Everything you will need to play mini bingo! This set includes 6 cards, the caller's sheet, red markers and a box to keep everything in.


Book - How to Knit 1

Book - How to Knit

This "How to Knit" book does not open.  It meausres 3/4" x 1" x 1/8" thick.  


Bowling Pins/Ball 1

Bowling Pins/Ball

This 1" scale set of bowling pins (12) and ball would be considered typical in the nursery of every elegant Victorian home. Made in Taiwan.


Canoe, poly, small 1

Canoe, poly, small

This small, poly canoe has two ores crossed across the top.  (There are no moving pieces, nothing comes off.)  It measures 2-1/8"...


Checkers 1


This 1" scale checkers set includes the board, the red and black pieces (loose) and a cardboard box with the word "Checkers" on it.


Chinese Checkers 1

Chinese Checkers

This Chinese Checkers game in progress has pieces placed on the game board. The game board measures 1-5/8" square. Made in Taiwan.


Chutes & Ladders 2

Chutes & Ladders

This set is comprised of a Chutes & Ladders box and game board. The game board measures 1-3/8" x 1-3/4". The box measures 1-1/2" x...


Cribbage Set 1

Cribbage Set

This wooden board with 4 pegs (2 of each color) is hand-made in the USA and includes playing cards - set out as if in play.


Dart Board with 4 Darts 1

Dart Board with 4 Darts

This is a dart board and it is 1 5/8" across.  This is a handcrafted miniature accessory by Amy Robinson from Biddeford, Maine.


Dollhouse Kit, The Glencroft 1

Dollhouse Kit, The Glencroft

This empty box looks like it would have a miniature dollhouse kit inside.  The box measures 2" wide, 1-3/8" high and 1/4" thick....


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