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Plants & Flowers


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Cactus, Saguaro, in pot 1

Cactus, Saguaro, in pot

This hand-made piece has a flocked saguaro cactus and some succulents peeking out from the pot.  The piece is 1-3/8" across (the saguaro)...


Fern in Urn 1

Fern in Urn

This is a fern in an urn and measures about 2 1/4" across.  This is a handmade miniature accessory made by Mike and Margie Balough.


Flowers in silver dish 1

Flowers in silver dish

These roses and leaves are very delicate and made from clay (very sturdy and durable.)  The are arranged in an ornate silver footed dish.  The...


Hanger, Plant, Macrame 1

Hanger, Plant, Macrame

This macrame plant hanger is dark brown in color with 2 sets of three matching beads.  There is a small silver loop for handing on the...


Iris in green vase 1

Iris in green vase

This green glass vase has two pink irises.  The piece is 1-1/4" high.


Plant, Fern in light blue pot 1

Plant, Fern in light blue pot

This healthy looking fern is in a light blue pot.  It is approximately 2" in diameter and stands 1-1/4" high.


Plant, Large Fern in Clay Pot 1

Plant, Large Fern in Clay Pot

This is a large fern in a a terra cotta pot.  The fern is about 3" in diameter and stands 1-1/2" high.


Plant, potted, dying 1

Plant, potted, dying

How much more realistic can you get?  We have all had plants die.  This potted plant has two green parts, and the rest are yellow.  How sad . ....


Vase, bud, small gold colored 1

Vase, bud, small gold colored

This small gold colored bud vase could also be used as a decoration on the dressing table or in the hutch.  It is 1/2" wide and stands only...


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