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Basket, Black, Woven 1

Basket, Black, Woven

This is a hand-made black, woven basket with a Southwestern flair.  The lid comes off, the basket is hollow.  It measures 1-1/4" in...


Basket, jute, with lid 1

Basket, jute, with lid

This jute basket is low and wide with a lid.  The basket is 2-1/4" in diameter and 1" high (with the lid.)


Basket, Pine Needle 2

Basket, Pine Needle

These hand woven pine needle baskets all vary in size and shape.  Ms. Decker has done a wonderful job of weaving these needles!  The...


Bath Set, Rugs & Towels 1

Bath Set, Rugs & Towels

This burgandy and black bathroom set is printed on a tan linen piece. It includes two matching rugs to cut out and three coordinating towels, also to...


Bell Pull, Cross-stitched 1

Bell Pull, Cross-stitched

This hand-stitched bell pull has green and shades of pink along with the gold top and bottom.  The bell does not actually ring.  It...


Bird cage, large, white, floor model 1

Bird cage, large, white, floor model

This large, white wire, 1" scale bird cage has a coor that opens, a perch to put your bird(s) on (not included) and with a bottom tray that...


Bird cage, white wire, floor model 1

Bird cage, white wire, floor model

This 1" scale white wire floor model bird cage has three rounded domes and a door that opens.  The piece measures 2-1/2" wide,...


Bird, wood carving 1

Bird, wood carving

This is a finely crafted carving of a bird with the beak down towards the ground. It measures 3/4" across, 3/8" across and stands 1" high. There is a...


Birdhouse, on grass 1

Birdhouse, on grass

This birdhouse looks like a little house setting on a patch of grass.  It appears to be made from fino, and has a small round hole on the back...


Birds, pewter figurine 1

Birds, pewter figurine

This pewter figurine of birds has three - two in the water and on on a stump.  The base measures 1-3/4" x 1".  The figure stands...


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