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Laundry / Cleaning


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Arm & Hammer Detergent, Box 1

Arm & Hammer Detergent, Box

This is an empty Arm & Hammer Heavy Duty Detergent box for the 1" scale scene.  It measures 3/4" wide, 7/8" high and...


Baby Shampoo 2

Baby Shampoo

This little yellow bottle claims to have baby shampoo.  (The bottle has nothing inside.)  The bottle measures 3/4" high, 1/4"...


Barrell, wood? 1

Barrell, wood?

This barrell looks like a hand-made wooden item.  However, as I bought it from an estate sale and it's not marked, I'm not sure. ...


Bold Laundry Detergent Box 2

Bold Laundry Detergent Box

This empty box says "Bold."  It measures 3/4" wide, 7/8" high, and 1/4" deep.


Bucket 2


This look-like-wood poly bucket has a metal handle, which is moveable from side to side, up and down. The bucket measures approximately 1-1/4"...


Bucket, wooden, hand painted 1

Bucket, wooden, hand painted

- Hand painted - Wooden - String handle - Country Blue - 1-3/8" in diameter across the top, 1" in diameter across the bottom, 1/4" high.


Cling Free, Box 2

Cling Free, Box

This is an empty box that says "Cling Free"  dryer sheets.  The box measures 3/4" wide, and approximately 1/4" square.


Clothes pins, 7 1

Clothes pins, 7

Painted metal to resemble wooden clothespins1/2" long


Dreft Cleaning Supplies 1

Dreft Cleaning Supplies

This empty box is printed on all sides.  Along with a picture of a baby, is is labeled "dreft."  The box measures 3/4" wide,...


Dryer, White 1

Dryer, White

This heavy duty dryer is made from solid wood and painted white. It has 3 knobs for the different load settings. The knobs don't move nor does the...


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