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Lighting & Electrical

Electric and Non-Electric

Product Image Qty.- Item Name Price
Fancy flush mount Ceiling Fixtures 1

Fancy flush mount Ceiling Fixtures

These flush-mount overhead fixtures have opaque glass centers with ornate gold edges.  Please specify which you prefer:  on the left is the...


Flush Mount Overhead Lights 1

Flush Mount Overhead Lights

These simple, round, overhead flush-mount fixtures come in a clear globe and a frosted.  Please specify which you prefer when making your order (in...


General Store Lamp 1

General Store Lamp

This light is made for a General Store and is a real working fixture.  It measures approximately 3" high.


Gold Mirrored Candle Sconce 3

Gold Mirrored Candle Sconce

This is an exquisite wall sconce.  The mirror magnifies the light from the 12 volt candle flame bulb.  The fixture measures 2-1/4" from top to...


Hanging single globe/gold lamp 1

Hanging single globe/gold lamp

This is an adorable ceiling fixture with gold tone and frosted round globe.  It runs on 12 volt electricity.  The measurements are 1" from the...


Headless Pins 4

Headless Pins

This is a package of approximately 36 headless pins.


Hurricane Lamp, gold tone with globe 1

Hurricane Lamp, gold tone with globe

This is a new 12 volt elecrical fixture which is made to look like a hurricane lantern with a globe.  Comes with a larger style electrical plug ...


In-line Switch 1

In-line Switch

This is an in-line switch and comes with instructions.


Lamp, Black Post 1

Lamp, Black Post

This is a 1" scale black post lamp and is a real working fixture.  It measures 5" in height.


Lamp, desk, white 1

Lamp, desk, white

This little, metal, white desk lamp is non-electric and has no moving parts.  It measures 5/8" across and stands 1/2" high.


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