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Fern in Urn 1

Fern in Urn

This is a fern in an urn and measures about 2 1/4" across.  This is a handmade miniature accessory made by Mike and Margie Balough.


Filled Artist box 1

Filled Artist box

1" scale Artist box fillid with 7 paints, paint brush, pencil, eraser, and paint thinner, measures 1 3/4" deep and is 1 1/2" wide,...


Fire Grate with Coals 1

Fire Grate with Coals

This Victorian Fire grate with coals will add warmth to your fireplace. When hooked-ip the coals wll glow just like a real fire. It will fit in most...


Gun, hand made 1

Gun, hand made

This is a hand made gun.  It is made of wood and black metal.  It measures 3" long. Hand made in USA.


Gun, Hand Made 1

Gun, Hand Made

This hand made gun is of wood and metal.  The barrel is hollow.  It measures 3-5/8" long. Hand made in USA.


Hoe, hand made 1

Hoe, hand made

This hand made hoe is wooden and tin.  It measures 3-3/8" x 1/2". Hand made in USA.


Ice Machine 2

Ice Machine

Look at this realistic ice machine.  The doors each open to reveal a hollow interior, ready to load with your own ice - either cubes or blocks.  It...


Kit for Cornucopia 4

Kit for Cornucopia

I've made this kit a number of times, and always enjoy how easily it developes into this wonderful, seasonal table decoration.  The kit includes the...


Ornaments, Icicles 5

Ornaments, Icicles

This is a set of four white plastic icicle ornaments with metal gold loops for hanging.  They measure approximately 1 1/8" in height. Made in...


Paper Artwork, hand made 1

Paper Artwork, hand made

This hand made piece is by Rainbow Hand.  It is pressed paper, matted, and shows a cactus and an adobe structure.  The piece measures 3"...


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