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Made in the USA


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Easel, adjustable 1

Easel, adjustable

This wonderful easel is adjustable so you can securely  hold any size  canvas as you work on it.  It has been well used, as the splotches of paint...


Easel, Apron & Canvas 1

Easel, Apron & Canvas

This set includes a wooden easel, a paint apron, and blank canvas.  The easel is 2-1/2" wide and 5-1/2" tall.  The canvas is 2-1/2"...


Easel, Children's 2 Sided 1

Easel, Children's 2 Sided

This hand made wooden children's easel has two sides.  One has paper for painting and a tray with "paints and brushes."  The other has a...


Fern in Urn 1

Fern in Urn

This is a fern in an urn and measures about 2 1/4" across.  This is a handmade miniature accessory made by Mike and Margie Balough.


Filled Artist box 1

Filled Artist box

1" scale Artist box fillid with 7 paints, paint brush, pencil, eraser, and paint thinner, measures 1 3/4" deep and is 1 1/2" wide,...


Fire Grate with Coals 1

Fire Grate with Coals

This Victorian Fire grate with coals will add warmth to your fireplace. When hooked-ip the coals wll glow just like a real fire. It will fit in most...


Gun, hand made 1

Gun, hand made

This is a hand made gun.  It is made of wood and black metal.  It measures 3" long. Hand made in USA.


Gun, Hand Made 1

Gun, Hand Made

This hand made gun is of wood and metal.  The barrel is hollow.  It measures 3-5/8" long. Hand made in USA.


Hoe, hand made 1

Hoe, hand made

This hand made hoe is wooden and tin.  It measures 3-3/8" x 1/2". Hand made in USA.


Ice Cream Cone 1

Ice Cream Cone

This is an ice cream cone and it measures 3/8" high.


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