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8" Stove 1

8" Stove

This tin stove measures 8" high and 3-1/2" square/diameter. There are no moving parts, although they look like they would move. Made in...


Andirons, larger, copper 1

Andirons, larger, copper

This larger sized, metal set of andirons, have a copper color.  Each is 1-1/4" wide, 1-1/2" deep and stands 1-7/8" high.


Bowl, metal, with handles 1

Bowl, metal, with handles

This larger, metal bowl has two handles that are ornate and rigid.  The bowl is 1-1/2" in diameter across the top, 3" from tip to tip...


Candelabra, larger size, 3 candles 1

Candelabra, larger size, 3 candles

This metal, larger sized candelabra has a burnished finish.  The piece is 1-3/4" across, 1" in diameter at the base and stands...


Candlestick with candle 1

Candlestick with candle

This brass candlestick comes with a real parafin candle.  The candlestick is 7/8" in diameter at the base and stands 1-1/2" high.  The...


Frames, round, 2, wooden 1

Frames, round, 2, wooden

This set of round, wooden frames has one fame with a woman's portrait, and the other is empty.  Each frame is 1-3/4" in diamter and...


Hatchet, metal, larger 1

Hatchet, metal, larger

This metal hatchet is a larger scale.  It is 3-3/4" long, 1-5/8" high, and 1/4" thick.  


Jug, tarnished metal 1

Jug, tarnished metal

This metal jug has a tarnished look.  It measures 1-1/4" in diameter at the largest area, 1" diameter at the base, and stands slightly...


Lantern, solid copper colored 1

Lantern, solid copper colored

This is a solid metal, copper colored lantern for the larger scale.  It is 7/8" in diameter across the base and stands 3" high.


Sundial, Copper & Brass 1

Sundial, Copper & Brass

This larger scale metal sundial measures 1-1/4" across at the top, and stands 2-3/8" high.  


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