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Full Service Dollhouse Miniatures Store in Colorado

Rocky Mountain Miniatures is your full service dollhouse store. Enjoy visiting us here on the Web, as well as in Georgetown, Colorado. In both locations you'll find supplies for your Miniature Gardens, Vintage Dollhouses and accessories, exquisite hand-made miniatures, tools, building supplies and kits.

Our experienced staff can help with construction and electrical questions.

Not into dollhouses? How about a Room Box, Shadow Box, Wall House, Tissue Box or treasures for your Printer's Tray? See us about refurbishing a family heirloom, or helping to finish the project that you never had time to do.

What makes us different from other Dollhouse Stores? 

The owner, Jeannette Peterson, really enjoys buying entire collections. These collections will  include a variety of older, one-of-a-kind, and no longer otherwise available items, opened and half-finished kits, and outstanding hand made pieces of art.  All this along with some things that are just not very valuable or special (great for the young enthusiast or someone just getting started.)  Combining these collections with some new and fun miniatures makes for an ever-changing, interesting, and eye-opening experience.  You may see some of the things on line, or come into the store and explore all the drawers, doors, and displays. 

What about the prices, you might ask?  Because a lot of things are bought in a large group, this offers an opportunity to price things at or below market prices.  And the open kits are a real steal.  Every effort is made to insure all the pieces are included, but with an opened kit there is always a doubt, right?  So the prices are extremely acceptable.  This makes shopping with us fun and exciting - just think of the treasures you will walk away with!

Come visit us either on line or in Georgetown and enjoy the art of discovery along with owner Jeannette Peterson.


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