1. If my dollhouse is this high and this wide, what scale is it?
Dollhouses are like real houses. There can be big houses and small ones, all designed to have the average 6 foot person use. With dollhouses, the way to know the scale is to measure the doors. If the doors are 7" - 9" high, then they are 1" scale. This means they are designed to accommodate an average 6" doll. The rooms can be big, small, low ceilings, high ceilings, big windows, small windows, or any combination, just like real houses! If the doors are around 4" high, then the structure has been designed in the ½" scale to accommodate an average 3" doll.

2. What is the most common scale?
The most common scale worldwide is 1" - 1' (One-to-One), or sometimes also known as 1" - 12" (One-to-Twelve.) Both these two are the same. If you travel to Europe (especially Spain, England and Germany), Australia, or New Zealand, you will find an abundance of selection in this scale.

3. I ran across a scale of 1/24. What is this?
This is more commonly known as 1/2" scale in this country. This means each ½" is equivalent to 1 foot. The 24 represents 24 inches in 2 feet.

4. Will my granddaughter "grow into" a love of miniatures?
Generally speaking, there is no distinction by age or gender when it comes to miniatures.
It doesn't matter how old or young you are, male or female. If you enjoy miniatures, you always will. If you don't you probably never will!

5. I have an old dollhouse which is in need to repairs. How would I go about having those done?
A reputable dollhouse store will have experienced staff which would be happy to help you (or do them for an hourly fee) repair the doll house and make it useable again. Don't let another day go by without getting it out, and back into circulation. These old dollhouses are labors of love and should be appreciated!

6. My mother (aunt) has a collection. How do I get market price for the houses and furnishings?
Many reputable dollhouses businesses will help you evaluate your collection and help make decisions with you as to the value and appropriate future of a valued collection. This can be done through inventory lists, photos (digital on the internet, or through the mail), or by personally taking the collection in (which may be difficult, depending on the size of the collection.) Each situation will be different. Don't be afraid to contact several companies and see which works best for you.

7. I make miniature ________. How do I market and/or distribute them?
Many dollhouse stores are interested in carrying quality, hand-made miniatures. Feel free to contact them and work out an agreement. Some stores will do consignments, while others will buy your product outright. Also, you may be interested in checking out the qualifications for being a CIMTA (www.cimta.com) artisan. This allows you to sell at the CIMTA shows. There are numerous other shows around the country and world where you may rent a table and sell your treasures. You may also advertise in any one of several magazines for miniaturists. And of course there is always the internet. You may have a website of your own which directs your viewers to retail stores where they can see the quality of your products and make purchases. Just be careful you don't undersell those retail stores on your website.

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