1/2" Scale Victorian finished house

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This amazing work of art is a 1/2" scale Victorian Doll House.  Made by Art Ensign for his daughter, Melanie, in the 1990's it measures 18.5" x 19.5" for the base and is 24" high.  

As you are studying the photos make sure you see the landscaping, the weather vane, the 2 bedrooms, the living room, four fireplaces, wainscoating, dining room, family photos, curtains, filled bookcase, hidden door leading to the hidden room in the tower, trap door to the attick, bathroom with heat, front porch, and working doors.  It is on a turntable for easy turning and has a plexiglass dust cover which is damaged - due to shipping across country many years ago.

I will not ship this house - you would need to come pick it up - or talk to me about taking it in a car to deliver to you.  Shipping would damage it too much.

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